How Often Do I Need To Use Quell?

February 8, 2019 • Shai Gozani

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A question we get from many of our users is “How often do I need to use Quell to experience pain relief?” The answer is that you will achieve optimal pain relief if you use Quell whenever you have pain. Although the experience of chronic pain varies greatly from person to person, it is also true that most people suffer with pain every day. In fact, among Quell users, 95 percent report daily pain. So, if your chronic pain is an everyday occurrence, you should set a goal of daily Quell use.

Use Quell as much as needed?

One way to think about Quell — and therapeutic neurostimulation in general — is that it is similar to a short-acting analgesic. This means that you will experience pain relief while Quell is stimulating your nerves and for up to an hour or so after the end of a session. A good analogy is taking an anti-inflammatory pill, like ibuprofen.  It takes a little time for it to work and then after a few hours the benefit fades. The good news about Quell is that it is designed to automatically start every other hour (or faster, depending on your personal device settings). There is no known downside to neurostimulation, so you have every reason to use it as much as needed.

Does Quell have cumulative effects?

Another common question among Quell users is whether daily use will have a cumulative effect. While we cannot provide a definitive answer, there are reasons to believe that long-term regular use will lead to reduced overall pain levels.  What is likely, is that the more you use Quell the better your chances of obtaining meaningful pain relief and reclaiming your life from pain.

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Shai Gozani
Shai Gozani

Dr. Gozani currently serves as Chairman of the board of directors and President and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroMetrix, Inc. NeuroMetrix is a leading developer and manufacturer of diagnostic and therapeutic neurostimulation-based medical devices that are used throughout the world. The company’s lead product is Quell, a wearable neurostimulation device indicated for symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain. The company is located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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