September is Pain Awareness Month

September 1, 2017 • Quell Team

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The month of September is Pain Awareness Month, a time when organizations and the chronic pain community come together to raise public awareness of issues in the area of pain and pain management. There are many ways you can join the conversation, such as participating in the U.S. Pain Foundation’s 30-Day Challenge and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

In honor of Pain Awareness Month we partnered with BackerNation to poll those who report living with chronic back pain in the US. The results reveal insights into the reality of living with chronic pain, such as managing multiple treatment options; the costs of managing chronic pain; and measuring the success of treatment in multiple ways. Key findings include:

  • Those living with chronic pain are increasingly looking beyond opioids to alternative treatments. Almost one-half of respondents have tried alternative therapies.
  • In the journey to find relief, those living with pain are making significant investments in treatments options and doctor visits.  The survey results revealed that ongoing pain management and treatment is costing  up to >$3,000 a year
  • When it comes to evaluating treatments, members of the chronic pain community are more concerned with how a treatment can improve quality of life. More than half of respondents said they believe a treatment is successful if it enables them to increase physical activity or improves quality of sleep, and more than a third stated that mood improvements are a critical indicator.

In the month of September, we’ll be launching a four-week series on LivingQuell to dig deeper into the findings and the issues that impact the chronic pain community. We hope to bring greater visibility to these impacts as part of our mission to empower those living with pain to reclaim their lives, so be sure to follow along this month:

  • Week of September 3: The prevalence of chronic pain
  • Week of September 10: Debunking the pain scale
  • Week of September 17: The ripple effects of chronic pain
  • Week of September 24: Economics of pain

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Quell Team

The Quell Team is comprised of members of the Marketing, Engineering and Customer Care teams at NeuroMetrix. We are committed to empowering people living with chronic pain to regain a high quality of life. We believe that life shouldn’t be defined by a condition. We believe that no one should have to settle for crippling side effects and we imagine a future where therapies are accessible, available and usable for anyone who needs it.

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