What is Nerve Pain, and How Do You Treat it?

November 29, 2018 • Quell Team

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To some in the chronic pain community, November has become better known as “NERVEmber,” an observance launched by the International Pain Foundation to raise awareness of nerve pain. Like most chronic pain conditions, it can be difficult to understand if you don’t experience it for yourself. So what is nerve pain, and how do you treat it?

A variety of health conditions including complex regional pain syndrome (RSD or CRPS), diabetes, sciatica and neuropathy can cause an individual to experience nerve pain.  Nerve pain feels different to everyone – for some it might be a sharp, stabbing pain, while for others, it may feel more like tingling or that pins-and-needles feeling. In our recent research that lead to the publication of Flipping the Script: Living with Chronic Pain amid the Opioid Crisis* we uncovered that those living with nerve pain:

  • Lose sleep. About one third of people with nerve pain reported pain disrupting their sleep by more than 4 hours per night.
  • 47 percent use three or more different treatments to relieve pain symptoms. Most common treatments outside of over-the-counter pain medication include topical treatments (lotions, rubs and patches), TENS devices and herbal or natural supplements.
  • The majority have tried at least one new treatment method in the past year.
  • On a daily basis, are missing out on things like exercise (51 percent), taking care of their home (44 percent) and earning a living (38 percent) as a result of their chronic pain.

The data above shows that similar to other chronic pain conditions, nerve pain is personal — it manifests itself in different ways, which means it requires a toolbox approach to treatment. Rather than relying on one treatment method, those living with nerve pain are open to trying new therapies to maximize their pain relief.

Yves** has been living with nerve pain and found relief with the help of Quell. Watch his story.

*Data on file.

**Unpaid testimonial based on experience with Quell classic device. In a published study, 4 out of 5 people who tried Quell reported improvement in chronic pain. Results may vary.

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